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Tornado in a TAP: New design creates water vortex that saves water

You could explore the green theme in your bathroom with the Olive Puddle or Racing Green Puddle glaze tiles (both £93.50 per sq m, Slick surface: The concrete hauteville chair by Lyon Breton available at Amara for £349 For a more decorative nod to the museum, Tile Giant has a new range based on pieces from the V&A archive. A… Читать далее »

9 ways to celebrate Black History Month in 2022

There’s a constant sense of adventure and a feeling of hope when exploring Skyrim, and all set against a lush and moving ambient score. Set in a futuristic London, The Feed centers on an implant that lets people livestream their lives without needing to press a button on a phone. NEW YORK, March 11 (Reuters) – As a Chopin nocturne… Читать далее »