X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

During the previous 6 years of doing penis enlargement, I’ve utilized quite a number of penis extenders, like SizeGenetics, FastSize, and Vimax. Having provided all these extenders a fair opportunity to prove their effectiveness, I’ve seen the X4 Labs Extender to be the most powerful, the majority of comfortable, and most inexpensive of all of them.

Degree of Comfort

When I put on this particular extender just for the first-time, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it felt. Several of the other extenders I’ve used were created with the silicone noose, which would pinch the penis to bring about a substantial amount of discomfort (and perhaps pain) as well as limited circulation to the penis. This isn’t correct for your X4 extender, which includes a foam tube in that the penis may be placed to get neatly cushioned. A informal strap will then be used to wrap around this particular foam tube and then secured to the extender. This design effectively distributes the strain over a significant part of the penis, which makes it far more comfy to put on than the noose style. As a situation of fact, this extender is so comfortable to put on I would occasionally forget that I’d on.


Better yet, as this penis device is more comfortable to wear, I managed to keep it on for longer time frames on a daily basis, which resulted in quicker gains in my penis size. best male enhancement products over the counter (browse around here) the 6 weeks which I was utilizing this extender, I acquired an outstanding 1.05 inches BPEL (i.e. bone-pressed erect length) in total!

This particular amount is the most I’ve ever gained in using any penis extender. In reality, while I was by using different extenders, I was corresponding the consequences of the extenders with hand-operated penis enlargement exercises, whereas I was no longer performing these exercises when I began testing the X4 extender, which means that this extender on it’s own was to blame for the 1.05 inches in gain!

Cost Tag

I only regret not having used this extender earlier – otherwise I’d certainly have reached my goal length earlier than I did. Ironically, the key reason why I hadn’t bought this particular extender earlier was due to just how cheap it had been compared to the other extenders. I believed that you’ll get whatever you buy, and thus assumed incorrectly that the X4 extender must not do the job as well as its more expensive competitors – what an incorrect assumption that was!

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