Type two Diabetes – Could Exercising Before Meals Help Lower Blood sugar?

A sedentary lifestyle is but one known risk factor for developing Type two diabetes. Young, folks that are healthy regrettably tend toward sedentary lifestyles in developed nations. It’s not surprising to see an epidemic of Type two diabetes in a younger population.

Investigators at the Faculty of Oklahoma in the United States checked out just how much one session of exercise could impact blood sugar after a meal.

This particular study, released in May 2012 in the Journal of Metabolism and Nutrition, included 18 healthy little people:

The group with the group and no exercise of people who exercised 17 hours before the meal showed similar blood sugar levels. The number of participants that exercised 1 hour prior to the food had drastically lower blood sugar supplement (investigate this site) glucose, blood insulin, and C peptide than another 2.

By these success it was concluded one moderate intensity exercise session one hour before a meal much better blood glucose control.

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