Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is in fact part of an alternative medical practice much like the practice of shiatsu. In fact, some practitioners claim to be both, even though they’re merely following the same tradition. This practice is believed originate from the ancient China which believed that the body was alive and could produce its own energy, or “chi”. They would draw on the body’s energy, also known as chi, to treat ailments. This method of medical treatment was adopted by western medicine.

When considering tui Na bodywork, it is important to remembered that it works on the whole system instead of on a specific condition. Tui na is a five-part treatment cycle that works from the feet to the head, neck as well as shoulders and elbows. There are 85 meridians along the body that are connected through the “Ajna” region or body’s room.

Tui Na is usually done by the process of kneading. Kneading is a method to improve circulation in the area. In turn, the bodywork provides energy to meridians and the skin and muscle tissues. The principle behind Tui Na Massage is to ease tension and increase flexibility in the muscles. It can also improve lymphatic circulation, and improve the immune system. It is a fantastic way to study and practice traditional Chinese treatment for conditions such as joint pain, stiffness, cramps, stiffness, spasms and cramps swelling, numbness, the effects of stress, fatigue anxiety, stress and fatigue.

This article will explain the basics of traditional Chinese treatment and the best way to do an Tui Na Massage. The first step in Tui Na massage therapy is to choose an appropriate location for your session. It is recommended to find a spot that is that is comfortable and where sound can be heard. You may want to try out a massage table if you do not have one or you could sit on a firm area such as a mattress. Make sure you wear loose clothes so that you will not be shackled by traditional Chinese clothing and acupuncture jewelry.

The next step is to find a quiet area with a pleasant temperature where you aren’t interrupted. The majority of Tui Na practitioners use a bowl of water or a shallow glass of water. The water must be 1 inch or a little below the bowl’s top. The boiling water is then pour over the bowl until the solution is completely dissolving. The water is allowed to cool before being served to the client or patient.

It is important to ensure that your eyes and ears are fully open while performing Tui Na massage. Then, use gentle strokes that are smooth to massage the area. Slowly work in slowand short strokes. Traditional Chinese medicine is believed to consider Tui Na massage as part of a total body treatment program.

Tui Na massages are typically offered for several sessions however, the amount of sessions differs between individuals based on your condition and symptoms. During the therapy session you’ll hear sounds that resemble the croaking of fish, hummingbirds, singing, laughing or even talking. These sounds signify that the muscles are being activated and stimulated. Your Tui Na practitioner will be able tell you what sound and feel to expect from every session. Your therapist will help you discover the way that feels right for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is only one element of Tui Na massage. However, this kind of massage is used to loosen up tight muscles, relieve discomfort, improve the flow of qi, increase the strength and condition of your body and much more. It is important to seek out a qualified TCM practitioner prior to attempting any type of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ask questions. A knowledgeable Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner can help you make informed choices regarding your health-related treatments.

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