The fundamentals of Air cooler Maintenance

So as to maintain high performance and efficiency of your air conditioning unit, it’s essential you provide it with normal maintenance. In reality, this can save you from having to pay for some truly costly repairs for which you would have had to spend for the opposite. It should also be kept in your mind that your respiratory health is hugely influenced by the air that emanates from your air cooler. If the vents and filters are filled with dust because of lack of appropriate maintenance, you will be exposed to air that is filthy.

Air conditioner maintenance involves a handful of basics that are mentioned below:

1. Cleansing of the condenser unit:

This includes removing trash and dust particles from the exterior as well as inside of the product. The fins can also be cleaned and straightened if they are bent. Lubrication of the fan motor is done to allow it to run efficiently without making any distressing noises.

2. Evaporator drain check:

This can be performed merely by an authorized and licensed technician. It requires checking for any water leakage below the evaporator coils that’s an implication that the drain pipe is clogged and must thus be cleaned as well as cleared for normal functioning.

3. Changing the air-filter:

This particular level is easy and also can easily be carried out by the owner himself. If the best portable ac deals, made my day, is in big usage, it’s advisable to modify the filters at least one time a month. These are often found on the condenser and often even on the evaporator. Change the filter by taking off the housing or grilles. The filter size as well as part number will be obtained from the old filter.

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