Архив метки: Top 10 list

With nothing left for him on Earth, Rear Admiral John Wells didn’t hesitate to lead a third NASA team to Mars, but he never dreamed that one day they’d look out their laboratory module into the lights of a slow-moving vehicle no their own. In the third installment fo the Mars Hill Classified series, life on Mars becomes increasingly more unpredictable as the past collides with the future, and nothing, not even the dead, is as it seems. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the fate of hundreds, including John Wells’ family — presumed dead these last six years — rests precariously in the hands of Malcolm Raines, self-proclaimed Guardian of the Mother Seed and Principal Cleric of Saint Michael’s Remnant, and his insidious plans for the Father Race. Wells will find himself in a race against time an all odds to expose the truth: about Mars, about Malcolm Rains, and, if he’s very brave, about himself.

I’m not a sci-fi lover. So when I picked up The Return, the next book on my stack not knowing what to expect and turned to the first scene set on Mars, date 2020, I nearly choked. This novel is 460 pages long, give or take a few. But, I had committed to reading the book and writing a review…. Читать далее »