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In the video that a person of the learners has shot in the class, the trainer suggests that if this courageous kid refuses to spend, he ought to carry a bucket, and a mop, and start mopping flooring in the class himself and that he lives in the modern society and ought to obey its guidelines. The point that all… Читать далее »

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An formal functioning for the Spanish crown descends into madness while waiting around for a transfer out of his backwater article in 18th-century Paraguay in Lucrecia Martel’s fevered historic drama. It never ever descends into cliche or even self-pity it continues to be a movie for grown ups, uninterested in something but the real truth. Jonathan Glazer’s very first film… Читать далее »

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In 2012 the Doctor missing Amy and Rory to an Angel, except that was not what happened. Maybe a bit of a tear-jerker when you realise just what transpired. Synopsis: Doctor Who/Homestuck. ‘Rassilon realized it was coming’. Synopsis: A regular person is thrown into the broader Multiverse and regenerated into a Time Lord. DVD boxed sets of the specific seasons,… Читать далее »