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Type 2 Diabetes – Are there New Diabetes Drugs Available to Lower Blood Sugars?

Could there be today something better than Byetta? The marketing individuals at Novo Nordisk undoubtedly desire us to think so. In January 2010 regulators gave their endorsement to promote the new drug for type two diabetes named Victoza in the world’s biggest market for diabetes drugs, the USA. Victoza is a brand new drug in the category of medicines referred… Читать далее »

Four Tips which are Simple to help maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Good blood glucose levels are just given major importance if and when health problems arise. Numerous individuals take this as a given. An ordinary teenager is likely to disregard this and also deal with it as an inconsequential part of his daily exercise. A 60-year old male will most likely check out his sugar levels just in case he feels… Читать далее »

Diabetes as well as Blood glucose Control

Right now there are millions of people struggling with diabetes in the United States, as well as in case you’re one of such people, it means you have the improper amount of sugars in your blood. Low or high blood sugar levels in the bloodstream is able to cause serious damage to the body’s cells and tissues and also needs… Читать далее »

How Are Your Fatigue and Stress Levels Affecting The Blood Sugar Levels of yours?

Will you feel fatigued? Are you asking yourself why? Can it be the tasks you do that sap your energy? Could it be something else such as type 2 diabetes? If your blood sugar levels change, it can have a tremendous impact on the energy level of yours. It doesn’t matter whether the high sugar levels are running low or… Читать далее »

The dangers of Above Normal Glucose levels Levels

What’s blood sugar and also exactly why is it in the blood?The term Blood Sugar describes the simple sugar known as glucose, also known as a mono-saccharide, meaning that in its substance form it’s one single particle composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. Glucose, as could be noticed from its substance formula, is a carb like all sugars and… Читать далее »