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Tiredness, Fatigue, Weakness, Dizziness? Might It Be A Blood Sugar Imbalance?

Poor blood blood glucose, or maybe hypoglycaemia, is the complete opposite of the better known diabetes in which the sugars in the blood remains too high. I would say that low blood sugar is fast becoming one of the most popular problems I’m seeing as an osteopath as well as naturopath. The signs and symptoms are really wide ranging, from… Читать далее »

Running On Empty – Will be your Body Managing Your Blood Sugar, Or even Not

John feels restless and suffers from insomnia and irritability. Gloria complains of headaches and recurrent nausea. Susan is hungry all the time and also comes with an insatiable craving for sweets. Mark gets dizzy and shakes if he goes too long without eating. Eileen has crashing exhaustion and feels exhausted even after a complete night’s rest. Carl’s blood pressure, cholesterol… Читать далее »

Different Help To Balance Your Blood Sugar

DIABETES DEFENSE Fights Elevated Blood glucose and Visceral Fat The bodies of ours have a desperate have for sugars (glucose), as it’s the fuel that gives our cells the electricity they have to keep us alive. Lacking glucose we can’t exist. The bodies of ours are going to find a way to reduce our bodily components, whether muscle or perhaps… Читать далее »