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Legalize Cannabis Hemp

In 1937 Anslinger testified before congress saying “Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the story of MANKIND.” SERIOUSLY! I can quickly testify by saying that’s an enormous line of CRAP Nonsense which I’d ever heard. While having numerous bad life experiences myself generally revolved around ALCOHOL mind you I myself wasn’t the Alcohol drinker myself. I’ve additionally witnessed… Читать далее »

How to Give up smoking Pot – The 3 Most important Rules to Finally Help you Stop smoking Cannabis!

So you have finally decided to quit smoking pot. For starters, I applaud you for the choice of yours. I understand from personal experience, just how a great deal of cannabis can take over your life. I also know precisely how strong it is to stop smoking pot once and for all. Therefore in this article I would want providing… Читать далее »