Is Your Office Air Conditioning Making Employees Sick?

The hazards of Mold

At some time we have all found moldy food in the refrigerators of ours. Although people know mold is unsafe, many may well not understand we are at the most risk from mold we can’t see. Individual mold colonies are microscopic in dimension as well as can be quickly inhaled, triggering a bunch of respiratory and sinus problems.

The bodies of ours are not also equipped to fight mold as they’re battling viruses and bacteria. As an outcome a small mold infection can cause serious ongoing health problems. Because there is no obvious source of contamination, people often just blame the problems on allergies or maybe a small cold.

The most frequent signs of mold contamination include coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and headaches. However mold can impact almost any element of the body and people might also experience stomach pains, skin problems, or perhaps more serious symptoms.

Mold in Air conditioner Vents

In spite of how careful work cleaning staff is, it is safe to assume they aren’t vacuuming the inside of the building HVAC system of yours. This dark, moist environment is great for mildew and mold to prosper in and the addition of dust particles to nourish the colonies have your air conditioner vents a paradise for fungi.

What makes ac unit mold so dangerous is the fact that every breath of air you take has passed from the HVAC ducts where mold lives. No matter the the place that the contamination started, it immediately transfers to every corner of the building. Frequent replacement of air conditioning filters helps but does not resolve the problem. The true solution might be a comprehensive, professional cleaning of the ductwork and that is a service which doesn’t come cheap.

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