Human Growth Hormone – The Fountain of Youth?

Human Growth Hormone, or maybe HGH, is a hormone which is created by the pituitary gland located in the human brain. As its name suggests, it is the hormone responsible and necessary for growth but it also affects the body in most other positive ways.

Often referred to as the “Master Hormone”, HGH is liable for such diverse functions as tissue repair, cell replacement as well as enzyme functionality. Furthermore, it helps build lean muscle mass, promotes weight loss as well as burns fat. Furthermore, it’s one of the key sources of electricity and sex drive.

Natural production of HGH starts to worsen as we reach the age of aproximatelly 30 and this’s when humans set out to age faster. Vision declines, skin and organ function are affected and also memory and cognitive function all begin to drop. So it stands to reason that serving the body to create a whole lot of growth hormone will slow the aging progression and promote much better health and fitness.

Synthetic HGH can be acquired by prescription only and it is frequently prescribed for adults and children with growth deficiencies. Unfortunately it’s typically sold illegally to bodybuilders and other athletes. I say unfortunately because these compounds are able to have serious side effects including diabetes and liver damage.

And so the target is increasing the body’s natural manufacture of Human Growth Hormone. There are a number of natural supplements that will stimulate a body’s creation of HGH although lots of also have never been proven effective. Our customers have reported exceptional results from these three products:

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