How to Prevent Mold Growth in Air Conditioners

Because there is moisture inside the air conditioners of yours, it breeds the growth of mold. Many air conditioners attract mold spores thanks the oxygen rich and moist environment. When mold grows inside your air conditioner, it is not a great sign because the spores can spread easily through the environment and make individuals inside the room sick.

If you’re not cautious, air conditioners becomes a breeding location for mold. When dust gets within the cool fins and also becomes damp, mold forms overtime. A well designed and maintained air conditioner must prevent any mold growth. Nonetheless, devices which are badly designed or not maintained on a regular basis will support mold to grow.

As I mentioned earlier, mold growth in the air conditioner of yours will cause serious health problems. If you inhale mold spores, it is able to trigger allergies or asthma attack for some individuals. The spores can also worsen the skin, eyes, lungs, throat and nose, creating a lot of discomfort.

Therefore it is really important to prevent mold growth in the air conditioners of yours. Now, let me share with you some suggestions to prevent mold from growing:

1. Clean your air conditioning regularly. Make sure you use a fresh cloth to clean the dust off the cooler fin. This is going to prevent dust from gathering and turning into mold due to moisture.

2. Make sure that the condensation pan isn’t overflowing. When there’s too much water in the pan, it will encourage mold growth. So always clear the pan regularly.

3. After purifying the air conditioner with air cloth, let it dry off before turning it on.

4. Hire an chillwell portable ac costco (%domain_as_name% said) maintenance company to service your unit frequently. The technician is going to perform maintenance checks on the system of yours to guarantee that everything is ok.

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