How to choose vacuum cleaner?

An essential point is the type of construction of the upright vacuum. You can choose a classic 2-in-1 design or a so-called vacuum cleaner. 360 degrees with the engine at the handle. The benefit of of the classic 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is its self-standing structure, however most of all the center of gravity of the vacuum cleaner, which is at the bottom – because of which it vacuums really easily. Vacuum cleaners with a engine at the handle have the center of gravity at the very top and the weight of the vacuum cleaner rests on your arm.

Choose the weight of the vacuum cleaner

While using the using the vacuum cleaner for a long time, your hands may harm, however this really is an individual matter. Therefore, you need to check the weight of the vacuum cleaner before buying it. Most vacuum cleaners with a motor in the handle do not have a self-standing structure, so when you stop working, you must either lay it on the floor or hang it on a bracket. The benefit of the actual construction with a motor at the handle is that by detaching the large electric brush, you can easily remove the spider web from the ceiling or use a long pipe to reach a hard-to-reach location, therefore it’s common name: 360-degree vacuum cleaner. If you want to reach the ceiling with a two-in-one vacuum cleaner, you have to use a step ladder. A very interesting model is the ilife H70, it is a very good vacuum cleaner for demanding customers.

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