Higher Blood sugar levels Symptoms

High blood sugar levels, referred to as hyperglycemia, typically occur as soon as the body stops making insulin or maybe the insulin does not work effectively. For all those with diabetes this means that the blood glucose does not enter the cells properly and instead remains in the blood, thereby producing high blood glucose levels (B/S Levels). Great B/S levels range from 90-130 mg/dl ahead of meals.

When B/S levels continue to be high over a couple of hours dehydration along with other more serious issues are able to occur. When B/S levels remain high over a long period of time, say few years, harm to many of the bodies organs can happen. It’s not uncommon for B/S amount changes to happen daily in those with diabetes, spiking from lows to highs and those with diabetes see the importance of dealing with levels through diet, physical exercise, then medication (if prescribed). It is important for all to know the signs of high blood glucose and know when to seek medical treatment.

High blood sugar symptoms can be very mild or even develop at a very slow pace. You may even have high blood glucose levels but experience no signs at all. Nevertheless, the most frequent symptoms include:

• Always being hungry

• Always being thirsty

• Dry mouth

• Constantly having to urinate

• Dry and glucotrust reviews scam (such a good point) itchy skin

• Fatigue or even extreme tiredness

• Blurry vision

• Recurrent infections

• Impotence

• Slow healing of wounds

• Unexplained weight loss

If left untreated over a few hours high B/S Levels can cause the following symptoms:

• Dehydration

• Difficulty breathing

• Rapid weight loss

• Dizziness after standing

• Drowsiness as well as confusion

• Unconsciousness

There are a range of factors why you could have high blood sugar symptoms, including:

• Diet

• Emotional stress

• Certain health conditions

• Lack of focused exercise

• Certain medications

• Some health supplements

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