Educational Supplies and Furniture at Staples

Looking for educational supplies in the Bronx? Visit Tannen’s, a long-time teacher’s supply store. Open seven days a week, this family-owned store carries everything from Barron’s Review Books to teacher curriculum and educational supplies resource books. It’s also the perfect place to buy gifts for educational supplies teachers, since the store’s staff is extremely knowledgeable about age-appropriate materials. Whether you’re looking for the latest educational gadgets or educational supplies simply a wide variety of books for your child, this Bronx store will have them all.

Staples also carries a broad range of furniture and educational supplies for your school or office. Many of these items can be used as rewards for students or as everyday supplies. They are also a great way to ensure your child is a success at school. Using Staples’ educational supplies is a great way to support the work of teachers and help kids succeed in school. When purchasing classroom supplies, remember to choose sustainable options and consider the environment.

The Education Supplies & Furniture Program is a good way to get started on a category-wide growth strategy for your store. The program brings together leading educational dealers to discover new trends and source new products. STEM/STEAM will be major areas of focus during this review period. Besides this, there are other ways to find free school supplies. Public school teachers can post online requests for educational supplies classroom technology. These lists are often funded by donations from community groups and individuals.

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