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The only story behind the Sentimiento kit is that it’s verde, and “verde” is more than just “green” in Spanish: it’s “a journey,” it’s “a chance,” it’s “un sentimiento” — it’s a feeling. This particular shade of verde, dubbed “cool verde,” is in fact cool. I give the origin story a hard time, but I really do like the color. Like, I might take a picture of Austin’s away jersey to the hardware store and blend up some paint for my bathroom.

For all five years of its time in MLS, the Wonderwall has been singing about “Minnesota black and blue,” and for all but one of those years, the Loons were dressed in neither black nor blue. So this rights that wrong. However, United draw a parallel between the Minnesota Night kit’s irregular gray pinstriping and the specks of light that fill the North Star State’s skies once the sun goes down. Rather than stars, though, I see code raining down from the Matrix.

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Grayscale kits have their appeal, and when well-executed, they can be striking. Few manage to pull them off, though. Has silver ever truly been a Quakes color? Maybe, at some points in team history, but it was awfully subtle. The graphic patterns adorning this template’s panel running up the sides of the torso is indeed interesting, and I could’ve gotten behind it being sold as a play off the club’s current crest, which is comprised of chevrons of alternating colors. Instead, the story behind this design is that it’s inspired by the steel structures of PayPal Park, the street art of San Jose and the tectonic plates on which it sits. And all of that feels like a stretch.

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