5 Effective Steps to Raise your Semen Volume

Some males experience a decrease in the volume of the semen of theirs. The reasons might be many, but using the 5 steps provided below, you can improve it and experience the added benefits of a growth in semen amount.

Step 1: Diet watch

Step one: Diet watch

Watching what you eat will be the initial step you must take, with regards to boosting the volume of the semen of yours. You have to concentrate on an eating plan that is low on extra fat and high on protein. This will keep your weight in check and also optimize the semen production of yours. Start having an eating plan which is high on beans, nuts and whole grains. Experts also suggest the intake of a primarily vegetarian diet in case you wish to boost sperm and semen production. The target has to be on eating the kind of diet that helps provide your body with all the nutrients that are necessary for sperm as well as semen production.

Additionally, there are certain foods that lend the semen of yours a specific flavour. If you would like to surprise the partner of yours, you are able to make certain that such foods are a part of the eating habits of yours.

Step two: Hydration is a must

Step two: Hydration is a must

You should be hydrated at all times, so as to make sure your semen output is at optimum levels. 98 % of semen composition is water. And so, if your body does not get water which is enough, odds are that your semen production is going to decrease. Doctors recommend the intake that is at least 6 glasses per day to ensure that you human body remains hydrated throughout. It also makes sense to avoid dehydrating liquids pretty much as possible and also improve the intake of water

Step three: Develop a sense of timing

Step 3: Develop a sense of timing

The cycle of semen production reaches its maximum output levels between 24 36 hours. After this, the recycling of unused semen takes place in the testes. What this really means is that you have the possibility of ejaculating one large load of semen every day. And so, timing is everything in case you want a full amount of ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Thus, the first ejaculation of the day will always include the maximum volume of semen. Nevertheless, that does not imply that you keep far from sexual activity for a specific amount of days to improve the amount of semen.

Step four: Physical activity and exercises

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