20 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels Around The World

Whether you’re going away on vacation, or you just want to treat your pet to a luxurious weekend getaway, look no further! These insanely regal (and expensive!) pet hotels will leave your pet feeling pampered and loved all week long. With amenities ranging from doggie ice cream to a disco-themed dog spa, your pup may never want to leave. Check out these 20 most luxurious pet hotels in the world! Featuring: centrally-heated bedrooms each with its own chandelier, couch, and television, a disco-themed dog spa, doggie day trips including a trip to the beach, and a dog goodie bag on departure. Featuring: gourmet dinners, doggie ice cream, luxury dog bedding (Gucci bedding upgrade possible), sound-resistant rooms, plasma TVs in each room, and Evian spring water (in addition to the regular grooming and daycare treatments offered). Book an appointment here! Featuring: each room in this hotel comes with heated floors, balconies and thrones for each kitty, a pet firefly and jellyfish, a climbing tree, a television, and you have the option of paying for upgrades including cat massages and storytelling before bedtime. Check it out here. With locations in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Texas, your pet can live the dream life across the entire country. Featuring: a pool with lifeguard, doggy spa offering aromatherapy massages, “paw-dicures”, and “Poochberry” facials, a fitness centre with a treadmill and an on-site nutritionist, indoor play areas with real grass, and 24/7 webcam access (in case the owners are having separation anxiety). Another notable feature is the 24 hour drop-off window and the on-call veterinary care. Featuring: country-themed rooms (so your pet can feel like they are on vacation with you in France!), music playing in each room, on-site veterinary staff, and a fully-stocked cat minibar that is filled to the brim with cat grass, gourmet treats, and catnip. Find more info here. Featuring: private dog walks, a full pet spa offering luxury grooming services such as massages, manicures, baths, and blow drys, a daily Facebook update for owners, and the option of a 24/7 webcam. Book a reservation here. Featuring: rooms overlooking a fish pond with luxury bedding, extra large scratching posts, and three exclusive ocean view suites that will make your cat feel like they are soaking up the sun in the Bahamas alongside you. Find out more here. Featuring: a pool, a doggy water park, 24/7 webcams, doggy roommates, 24/7 staff, grooming, training, and spa with massages. Note: this resort is totally cage-free! Only the coziest bedrooms for your pup. The Barkley also offers “Serenity Suites” for smaller pets and Rodeo Drive suites with punny names like “Jimmy Chew” or “Pucci”. Book a room here. Featuring: expert dog trainers that provide grooming and exercise regimes, but also offer physiotherapy, wellness treatments, 90-minute therapy sessions, an orthopedic and neurological analysis. In addition, this resort is notable for its architecture, with the main building mirroring Bauhaus style architecture. Check it out here. Featuring: indoor sports field, swimming pool, air conditioned-rooms, 24/7 webcam access in all areas of the hotel (you can even get the feed sent directly to your phone). Get more info here. Featuring: designer king-size sleigh beds, flat-screen televisions, an on-site gourmet chef, a Zen Wellness Centre, movie nights, a full spa offering blueberry facials, and a personal overnight attendant. Make a reservation here. Featuring: gourmet dog food, exercise training programs including hiking, biking, or jogging alongside a trainer, massages, and heated pools. The hotel is located right next door to a large outdoor park, the Bois de Vincennes. Find more information here. Featuring: a deluxe spa offering a “Shedicure” (to reduce shedding), nail polish, and moisture treatments, a doggy water park, personal pet concierge, a bedtime story, playgroup sessions, and a private outdoor play yard for each VIP room. Get the full details here. Featuring: designer Kuranda dog beds, flatscreen televisions, three private 6,000-square-feet dog parks, a pet-themed boutique, and judi slot online a chauffeur service to collect your pet in a Ferrari, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce. Book a room here. Featuring: a shopping centre, cafe, gym, swimming pool, crystal chandeliers, and a team of on-site trained beauticians. Get more information here. Featuring: memory foam beds, 42-inch televisions, a spa, a gym, and kitty towers, numerous toys, and a private television in each cat suite. Make a reservation here. Featuring: an established exercise schedule to keep your pet healthy and active, daily walks, naps, snack times (you can choose from three meals prepared daily), spa treatments, training lessons, behavioural lessons, beach day trips, and hikes. Check out the official website here. Featuring: 24/7 webcam access, air conditioning, plasma televisions, personal pet butler, pet limo pickup & delivery service, private rooms, and play areas specifically designed to reduce stress and minimize noise. Make a reservation here. Featuring: an indoor and outdoor park, a pool, cabanas, spa and grooming room, media and musical entertainment, pet concierge services include travel arrangements, medical assistance, birthday parties, and off-site excursions. Get more info here.

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